Gassy kid? Behavior? Sleeping?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So my 5yo has been suffering from GI issues since she was little. a couple years ago she was hospitalized due to colon obstruction and intestine enlargement. Ever since, she’s been on laxatives.

She would wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours. No known reason. For the past couple weeks she’s been so into hitting and kicking although we would be having fun together, when suddenly she would hit hard!

On July 12 2020, I got Fennel essential oil, a couple drops with coconut oil and rubbed it clockwise on her tummy and around her belly button. She loved that!

A few min later she started passing gas. She hasn’t hit since except one time followed by some coming out gas and then she seemed relieved.

I made her a blend of oils for massage and added more to the recipe. What I did was:

In a 4oz spray bottle that I had already, I added the following:

  1. 5 drops fennel essential oil

  2. 5 drops black pepper essential oil

  3. 5 drops ginger essential oil

  4. 1 TBSP vitamin E

  5. 3oz sunflower seed oil

With a one time bottle shake, I got the blend all together. Today, July 20th, I almost forgot about that kicking thing. She also enjoys the massage. All I do is I spray on her belly bottom (or you could just use a bottle with a dropper), massage gently her belly button while getting the oil to the tummy and massaging in circular motion, clockwise.

Remember, effects always happen when we use good quality essential oils. Always find those organic therapeutic grade. Stop using if you see any allergic reaction/redness.


***The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition***

Essential oil disclaimer: This recipe uses what are generally considered safe essential oils, but please keep in mind that while completely natural, all essential oils are powerful plant compounds that you and your family (including your pets) might have a reaction to. Never use essential oils undiluted or take essential oils internally (diluted or undiluted) without the guidance of a professional, and always read up about the possible side effects of each type of oil before you use it. Avoid the use of essential oils (diluted or undiluted) during the first trimester of pregnancy, on small babies, and on anyone with severe allergies to the plants the oils are derived from. And if you see any reactions in yourself, your family, or your pets, stop use of your essential oil products immediately and contact a medical professional.


When using essential oils, be careful and read the instructions on the label. Misusing essential oils could be harmful.

The topical application of essential oils may prove to be extra beneficial because the transdermal properties of the oil permeate your skin and enter your bloodstream faster. Your olfactory nerve receptors also sense the smell and send signals to your brain.

However, before topical application, you should patch test oils on your skin by rubbing a small drop on the inside of your wrist and letting it sit for 24 hours. If there is no reaction within this time, the essential oil may be safe for you to use. Patch test essential oils every time before using them on children. We do not recommend using essential oils on babies younger than one-year-old.

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